Friday, December 5, 2014

32 Weeks

32 Weeks, so that means 8 weeks until my due date.

I have really had it good up until this point.  This pregnancy (other than the morning sickness that I was able to thwart using this remedy), things have been very good.  I don't know if it has actually been easier or if I have been effectively distracted by my other children and life in general, but there haven't been many compliants.

Well, yesterday, things seemed to take a turn.  One I was completely expecting earlier on and then things were just fine. So I thought that maybe this would be a relatively uneventful pregnancy.

The Good:
I had an ultrasound yesterday and I was thrilled to find out that baby is finally head down and in position!  That is great news because he has been breech since I have been having ultrasounds and I was getting really worried about having a C-section.  He is doing great! Had a non-stress test and he was perfect, he's growing like crazy (over 5 Ibs already!) and fluid levels were good.  We could even see that he has some hair :)

The Bad:
Then I went to a regular OB appointment and discovered that my blood pressure was really high.  Not higher than it has ever been, but higher than it's been since before I was put on medication (standard for me during pregnancy).  I was nearly sent to Labor and Delivery for monitoring, but thank goodness they decided to settle for home monitoring and returning in a few days.  We talked about a plan moving forward and it sounds like higher doses of medication and possible bedrest.  I will likely be induced early if I don't naturally go into labor by 38 weeks, so that really leaves me with only maybe 6 weeks.  (If this sounds sever for one high BP reading, it's not for me.  All of my pregnancies have resulted in dangerously high BP that needs to be monitored and usually has me in line for inductiuon unless I can bring labor on myself, which I have done rather successfully).

My concerns going into my appointment were the constant dizziness and weak muscles/shakiness that I have been experiencing for the last 2 weeks.  Being on my feet has become very problematic.  I can hardly hold my son and my energy level has decreased dramatically.  I have also been having panic attacks at night - a sure sign that my anxiety/depression/hormone combo is getting to the point of needing intervention.  I knew these symptoms were probably something bigger, but I operate in a wied limbo of "do I or don't I call the doctor?" becuase I am usually told it's normal for me and to rest more. Yeah.

The new doctor at my practice was so awesome and understanding it was almost shocking.  I usually have to ask questions about everything as they are running out the door, but I was really impressed by how he took his time and talked with me so thouroughly about what was happening.  Things could be so much worse than they are, but I am definitely feeling a little defeated, where I was feeling pretty triumfant just yesterday.

No picture this week.  The days have been so hectic that the idea of a picture doesn't even enter my brain until I'm makeupless and in less than flattering PJ's so forgive me if I don't want to show you that loveliness ;)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Truth in The Tinsel and Fun FREE Supplemental Activities and Ideas

Truth in the Tinsel book cover.png

Every year for the last 3, my family has used the Truth in the Tinsel curriculum during Advent.  I prefer to guide my family’s focus toward the true reason for the season (as cliche as that sounds…) instead of Santa and Snowmen and Reindeer.  We do plenty of all that, too, but I want the kids to grow up seeing past the consumerism and see what we are truly celebrating.  

When I was searching for activities do with my kids initially, I was super overwhelmed with the amount of time and effort I was going to have to put forth while taking care of two toddlers and working full time (plus blogging and other side projects).  I didn’t want to screw it up and not get the point across and I definitely didn’t want them to be bored, but I didn’t think I had the time to devote to preparation, research, gathering materials AND doing the activities with the kids.

Truth in the Tinsel was literally and answer to my prayers.  Everything I needed to successfully relay the Christmas story to my kids with lessons and activities was all laid out step-by-step.  But the next best thing is the flexibility that the lessons offer!  You can follow the day by day Advent calendar with a lesson and craft for each day of December OR follow the abbreviated schedule that hits on all the major points (this is great for busy schedules!), OR leave out the crafts and work through the Printable Ornaments OR have you church Sunday School follow along together with the class curriculum!  There is something for every age and time commitment level.

Truth in the Tinsel Book image.png

I have also been following along with the author on social media and there is tons of collaboration among other bloggers so the ideas are endless.  I wanted to share some with you :)

Pink Paper Peppermints has created a Free Printable Ornament Album.  This is such an awesome idea, especially for those of us with some older kids or have done it for a few years.  We love to remake the ornaments and use them as our tree decorations, but this gives us one more option.






I highly recommend Truth in the Tinsel if you are looking for a fun way to celebrate Advent with your children!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dude Turns 5!

Last year, turning 4.

Taking the dress code at his sister's tea party very seriously.

Last night:

Me:  "Good Night, Buddy.  When you wake up, you will be 5!"
Dude:  "As soon as I wake up?"
Me:  "Well, technically it won't officially happen until later in the afternoon, but this is the last night you will go to bed 4."
Dude:  "Oh, ok." lol...

And this is how he went to bed, with his Wee Willie Winkie night cap that he made in preschool a couple of years ago.  He legit wears this thing to bed in the winter randomly.

This morning:
Me:  "Good morning Birthday Boy!"
Dude:  "Good morning."
Me:  "Do you feel like a 5 year old?"
Dude:  "No, not really."  Do I look 5?"
Me:  "Yes, you have grown a lot this year."
Dude:  "No I don't"

I have never met a kid that is so calm about his birthday and resistant to turning the new age.  He is so introspective and intense!  Who doesn't believe that they are really 5?!

He was born at 5:50pm, so technically he's 5 right around dinner time, but come on!

Loves taking selfies.

His birthday always lands right near Thanksgiving.  Last year it was only a few days  before, this year we have a full week between, but it still make scheduling parties and things difficult.  We are taking him to dinner at the restuarant of his choice tonight, so we will be celebrating right when he officially turns 5.  And  when I tell him he is officially 5, he'll tell me I have been saying that all day.  I know it.

Posing with his new legos.

Me and him. "Don't Mom!"  Gues what?  I won't ever stop ;)

Happy 5th birthday to my first little boy and the biggest brother.  You are my sweet, sensative and thoughtful Little Man and I will not ever stop kissing you.  Foreget it.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Truth in The Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands

So, for the last 3 years (this year included) Truth in the Tinsel has been a staple at my house during the Christmas season.

In 2011, I went in search of an Advent curriculum for my then 3 and 4 year olds becuase I was seeing the signs of Santa taking over.  I had originally not wanted to have Santa be apart of our Christmas celebrations, but that's a different story...

I needed something that laid out the Christmas story for me in an easy to teach format with activities planned out.  I was a working mother of two young children with very little time to make up my own lessons and I didn't want that to be the excuse for just not doing anything.

Now I am a busy working mom of a 6,(4 days shy of) 5 and (very nearly) 2 year old with another on the way.  Life hasn't gotten less chaotic and my "free" time is non-existent.  Throw in first grader homework and preschool projects and the never ending volunteer opportunites in this season and I am truly, truly thankful that I purchased this ebook when I did.

The kids are already asking when the Advent calendar will make it's way out of storage and when we can start making our Christmas projects.  It doesn't matter that they have done the lessons before because every year they are at a new developmental stage.  Some lessons are easier for the older ones and sometimes it's perfect for all ages, but it works for all of them every year :)  I love that they love it!

Something that is also nice?  There are different lesson plans.  You can choose to do an activity each day of december or use the abbreviated version so that even busy, busy families can learn the story in it's entirety but not have to do a craft every day of the week.

We will most likely be using the abbriviated lesson plans and work on the weekends becuase getting through dinner, homeowork and bed time routines takes every second of our time after I get home from work.  And that is the beauty of it.

If you are intersted in finding an easy to use but highly effective tool in teaching your children about the true meaning of Christmas, I highly recommend Truth in the Tinsel, which also happens to be availalbe as a classroom curriculum   

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

29 Weeks and an Answer to our Prayers

29 weeks is so close to 30 weeks, which is a nice round number, I would like to just be 30 weeks.  I am feeling every sort of uncomfortable that I think I possible can right now.  I know that I have 11 weeks until my due date and boy does that feel like an eternity and an instant all in one.

This is actually my 28 week pic that I never posted.  I have yet to take one for 29 weeks.  I can tell you that I have dropped a bit.  I want to do a comparison shot with this one later to see how much.

Today, in particular, I am so so crampy. Like, all the way around my stomach and back. I know some of it is stress, but I can't really do anything about that.  I just wish I could get it to relax.

Also, baby is still completely breech, which is really wierd for me.

This baby is supposedly the size of a large cabbage at 29 weeks.  I disagree, but I guess this is the average.

The holiday rush has started for us.  I can't wait for delicous Thanksgiving dinner and I passed my glucose test with flying colors (I was worried!) so I can enjoy my favorite things without worrying. But the season starts for me with Dude's birthday next week.  Getting things planned at just the right time so that they don't interfere with Thanksgiving is hard every year.

Gift buying also starts now (actually, I like to be done by Thanksgiving, but that's really not happening this year...).  I try to start my list with Dude so I can decided what I want to do between his birthday and Christmas.  My birthday, our wedding anniversary and Jason's birthday also all land right around Christmas, so I want to be sure I am paying special attention to each thing (not by birthday, so much).  I am just feeling super overwhelmed with work, Holidays and baby coming so as usual, I'm avoiding all of it.  It's totally a great way to fix a problem, right?

Now that I have sufficiently complained about almost everything, I do have one very pice of good news!

My husband, Jason, has been working super hard for the last 3 years to change careers and break into a new field.  This included going back to school full time while only I worked and interning for nearly a full year.  The company that he interned for is fantastic and close by so that we didn't need to relocate.  Everything about it was a good fit and we really wanted him to be employed there.  It was just a matter of time and available positions, which were very competitive.

As of yesterday, he is officially employed by this amazing company!  This opportunity is outstanding and he was chosen out of 90 applicants to take it on.  I am beyond proud of all of Jason's accomplishemnts.  His drive and focus are something I can't even wrap my mind around.  This is such a huge answer to our prayers and we have worked so hard as a family to get here - it feels surreal.

He deserves a medal for taking care of us, working, interning and dealing with my pregnant hormones.  REALLY.  Love you, Babe!

Monday, November 10, 2014

LAST DAY for the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle Sale

Today is the VERY LAST day of the Ultiamte Christian Living Bundle sale and I wanted to put it out there one more time.

All sales must be completed by tonight at Midnight!

I am really excited for bothe the Financial and Children's options in this bundle.  I struggle with balancing my finances (becuase I just hate to really look that closely...) and I like a Christian view on structuring our budget. 
I am also looking forward to diving into the devotionals.  Always looking for something new to try next!

 I also like guidance in how to share knowledge with my children.  I am afraid of missing something important or relaying the messeage in a way that either scares them or doesn't connect for some reason.  
And who doesn't need another resource on parenting?  I don't own many parenting books, but I like knowing the resources are there.  "From Grouchy to Great" and "Even Tempered Mother" sound like good reads for me right now...

There isn't much time left and I don't want you to miss out on this bundle. So much good stuff!

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