Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 Things

In the recent months I have shied away from sharing anything very personal.  I was looking back through my blog and I realized that there is nothing about ME, really.

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You may or may not care, but here are 10 things about me:

1.  I had just celebrated my birthday that week when I married my high school sweet heart at age 22.

2.  My mother, myself and my daughter all share the same birthmark.  It is a small circle on our lower backs that has no pigment.

3.  I love jewelry, shoes, bags and accessories, but you will rarely find me wearing anything outstanding.  During my pregnancies I couldn't stand anything on me and it never really went away.  I am trying to learn how to be fashionable again, but usually look like a mom - I throw on what's clean and I don't give my outfits much thought.

4.  I run 2 side businesses and work full time as a receptionist at a car dealership.  I can be found here and on my other blog, Local Girl, at my Etsy shop and JensHealthyFuture.com, my It Works! Global website.   I desperately want to replace my job as a receptionist with my own business.  I have always seen myself as a business owner who works from home.  I CRAVE the flexibility of working around my family's schedule instead of the other way around.

5.  I have been wearing broken glasses for nearly a full week now and I still haven't had a chance to have them repaired.  It's not a huge priority either.  And this morning, for few brief minutes, I could see without my glasses and I thought that maybe God had blessed me with corrected site.  It must have been an illusion because I am still pretty blind.  But that strengthened my resolve to, eventually, get laser surgery.

6.  I think I might be an Empath...it's weird.  I always knew I was wayyyy over-sensitive, but I ran across an article that described what an Empath is and I took a quiz.  Yep.

7.  I love to be creative, but I hold back quite a bit.  Everyone knows an eccentric artist.  You are picturing them right now.   I think that, if left completely alone with myself, I could absolutely fill that role.

8.  I struggle with friendships because they tend to be draining.  My husband is my very nest friend and I have other friends, but I don't have a best girlfriend.

9.  I gave birth to 3 children in 4 1/2 years.  I was pregnant for 27 of 54 months.  It was long and hard and  totally wrecked my body, but it was infinitely worth it!

10.  I do not like feeling vulnerable or having a valid reason to apologize to someone.  I do it all the time.  I am a people pleaser, not a people person.  

Now you might have a better picture of who I am.

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  1. As for new glasses, if you have single vision, take a look at WarbyParker. They donate a pair for every pair purchased for $95- $145 complete!

  2. Woah, I hadn't heard of the idea of empaths before -- super interesting.

    1. I hadn't either. I just ran into it and was surprised at how many characteristics that I shared with the description. I am not claiming and paranormal or supernatural gifts, just a crazy intuition and over active sensitivity and empathy. It is interesting to read about :)