Friday, April 10, 2015

15 Things I Have Learned From Parenting

To be clear.
These are things I have learned and I thought I’d put these thoughts down to share.  I am not telling you I think I know it all or that we should all parent the same way.  This is just what I have realized over the last 7 years.  It may change.  It may not.  

  1. Every faze ends.  Really.  One day you realize that the meltdowns over how a sock is to be worn have stopped and you don’t know how, but you are thankful.  “This too shall pass”
  2. Sometimes it does take a village.  75% of the time, they just need you.  But sometimes it’s OK to let the village help.
  3. Accept help when it is offered (hard for me, too).
  4. Your children are all individuals and need one on one time with you.  This does not mean, however, that you need to spend an entire day bending to every whim.  It means that you should use those few moments in the car at the bus stop to have a conversation or be sure to tuck them each in with a kiss and a hug and I love you’s and little prayers and snuggles.  They all need it to know you are willing to do it, even if they don’t really want you to actually do it, lol.
  5. Kids will not eat everything you make, but they can try it.  If they still don’t like it, whatever.  Just try to make their daily nutrition balanced.  And then there are times when it won’t be, and they will live.  
  6. You can make it all even.  I try and try and try to make everything even and balanced, but somehow, its still “not fair!” Grrr.  
  7. Kids are brutally honest sometimes.  It might sting a little, but they aren’t trying to hurt you.  Do not take anything out of their beautiful little mouths to heart unless it’s adorable and sweet and you want it to be the truth <3
  8. The laundry will never end.  There is literally no point in time when everything is clean.
  9. Kids make messes.  They can clean some of them themselves.  Others will need your attention.  Sometimes it’s ok to leave a mess sit.
  10. Every parent in history has felt overwhelmed at some point.  It is an overwhelming job!  I read another blog where the women said she gets through the moments when she is frozen with indecision by telling herself “just do the next thing.”  It’s really helpful.  Yes, there are likely many things that need to done, but you can only do one or two immediately.  Just evaluate, list in order of importance, and then do the next thing.  
  11. Nothing stays the same.  
  12. They are not little for long.  Cherish it!
  13. You will never know everything and it’s ok.
  14. Take or leave advice as you see fit.  Nothing is really one size fits all.
  15. You can get a lot done in Survival Mode.  Maybe you didn’t shower today or the kids are still in their PJ’s, but the laundry is running, the blog posts are written and the bills are paid.  It’s a pretty good day :)  

My list could go on and on.  I have been writing this in my head for about a week and I keep coming up with new lessons I’ve learned.  Parenting teaches you so much.  Kids teach you so much.  

What lessons have you learned?  Please share!

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