Friday, October 17, 2014

Croup, Respiratory Viruses and 25 Weeks Pregnant

It's been such a crazy week I have hardly had time to stop by and say anything!

A nasty little virus made it's way into our house about 2 weeks ago.  Dude gets Croup nearly every time he gets anything respiratory, but this time he made it out pretty easy.  Low grade fever for a few days, tired and pale, croupy cough.  He was given some oral steroid to open his airway and he was good to go.  It took him about a week to fully recover.

Fast forward to Saturday, Princess starts with a very low fever, feels cold and just seems "off."  By Sunday she was running a 103.5 temp and (despite sayings she felt fine) could hardly stand.

This is super unusual for her because even when she is really sick (like with pneumonia last year), she act completely normal.  By Sunday night she had the worst case of croup she has ever had.  You could hear the stridor (the sound of her breathing) from the next room and the barky cough associated with Croup  was painful. The doctors office sent us to the ER for oral steroids and a breathing treatment.  The treatment helped her croup symptoms tremendously but she is really only just yesterday seeming back to her usual self.

And then there were three...

Tuesday, Booboo started with some cold-like symptoms, but since he has never had Croup we thought he may escape it this time as well.  Nope.

We were in the ER both Wednesday and Thursday for him.  And I have to say, he is such a trooper.

He is more bothered by the oxygen sensor they tape to his toe and the hospital bracelet that the medicine, treatments and rectal thermometer (squirming in my seat...).

Today he is still a bit feverish and very clingy but his breathing is much better.  I pray that we are seeing this thing out the door, but now both grandfathers have the virus and it seems like it's making the rounds at my office.

I have a slight tickle in my throat that won't go away, but I AM NOT getting sick.  So there.

It the midst of all this, I am now 25 weeks pregnant, but without a picture.  I am feeling super enormous and experiencing more contractions than usual, but I bet that has to do with the extra stress and sleepless nights listening to little chests and checking temps.

Has a virus come knocking on your door yet? Any remedies you swear by?  We are vitamin C (through Juice and Fruit), Greens and warm mist vaporizers/shower steam people.

Here's praying for healthier months to come!

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