Friday, July 11, 2014

Veggie Meal Plan: Breakfast Smoothies!

It's hot and sticky out and there is no better time to start a smoothie or shake routine!

I have been talking about doing shakes and smoothies in the morning for a long time, but this weekend I finally had time to get the blender out, find it a home on the counter and GET STARTED!

I have been using whatever we have in the house because I have a stockpile of frozen fruit that I saved as it was going bad.  But after just one week of this, I have blown through most of it already.  It's time to plan my breakfasts so that I can have the necessary produce and ingredients on hand.

P.S.  Smoothies are also a hit with my kiddos.  Even the baby (not such a baby anymore) likes some yummy fruit blends to go with his breakfast :)  I am making super huge batches and still running short when it comes to filling my glass, because, you know, mom always gets what's left.  It's easier than hearing everyone else complain ;)  If I plan better, maybe I will get a whole smoothie.

Bananas are the cornerstone of my smoothies.  It's just not the same without it.

I will probably add a banana...

54 Healthier Smoothies List created by various writers and collected by Great List

I was going to pick out a few of these that sounded good to recommend to you, but I think just pointing you over to their websites is the best and easiest way for you to see the variety that they have listed.  I am Particularly excited by the Black and Blue, Coconut Kale and Pina Colada.  There is also a whole bunch of dairy free, which is awesome!  The Sunrise is right up my ally :)

Also, I am always down for a simple Strawberry Banana Smoothie, heavy on the ice.  But other people like a variety...  and I am now putting It Works! Greens in with my smoothies.  It has been approved by my OB (no surprise, it's all natural!) for me and baby so in it goes!  

I had stopped all supplements until I could speak with my doctor and my morning sickness went from 0 - 60 in about two days.   I am so happy he thinks that it sounds like a great addition to my diet and I have already noticed that the nausea is much more manageable.  Hallelujah!

Greens are great in addition to or in lieu of spinach and kale in your drink.  I like to do both.  Can't hurt, right? 

Happy smoothie making everyone!

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