Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap 10.20.14

This weekend was all about fall fun!  My daughter attended a birthday party with a dress-up theme and they enjoyed lots of Halloween fun.  Kudos to the Mama who pulled off this party! The Witches Brew was a hit!

The older kids had a sleep over with my parents and went on their (now annual) pumpkin picking adventure.  When we rejoined them for dinner on Sunday they had lots to share including a baby pumpkin for  their little brother which he adored <3

This won't be it for the fall festivities.  I hope to take the kids on a pumpkin picking trip all together this coming weekend at our favorite orchard and get some more apples for more applesauce.  We have plans for a Barbie Pumpkin, a Pokemon Pumpkin and a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin - all for the kids (Daddy) to make.

These pictures are what we are using as our inspiration;)  I would link to where these pictures are from, but when I did a search for what we wanted, the pictures are on Facebook statuses or Tumblr accounts with no trackbacks.  Google "Barbie Pumpkin with Glitter," Pokemon Pumpkin," ( the artist is Johwee) and "Mickey Mouse Painted Pumpkin."

Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and we will be talking about Christmas!  What are your plans to celebrate the harvest time?

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