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Veggie Menu Plan 6/2/14

Can you believe it's June?!  JUNE?  We are already half way through 2014.  Blows my mind, it really does. So many things have happened this year and yet it feels like it has flown past us.  I don't even remember what my New Years Resolutions were...

There's lots of things going on right now.  Things that I hope will become more than ideas and wishes and that I will be able to share them with you.  I feel like I am going to burst holding all of my secrets in!  I am blessed beyond measure and so many directions are calling us as a family.  It's truly unbelievable.  I know I am rambling and you're like "tell us already!" but I can't *sigh*

yet ;)

You might notice some meat or extra eggs making their way into my menus.  I am still pursuing a plant based diet, but I tend to skimp on the protein.  It is hard to go from believing that only eggs, dairy and meat provide protein adequately to finding all new sources.  I am still searching to replace the animal products, but I am also feeling the lack of protein in my diet.  But, my recipes will easily be vegetarian or vegan by removing the meat/eggs from them.  I have just been adding some fish or chicken here and there and trying to make it the healthiest versions I can find (organic, grass fed, wild, etc...)

Veggie Meal Plan 6/1/14  //

I have been on a huge salad kick so bare with me...

These Paleo Cucumber Tuna Boats look adorable and encompass on of my favorite ways to eat tuna - on cucumbers or with lots of veggies.   These make it easy to eat on the go or outside on the deck, which is how my kids prefer to eat now that it is (relatively) warm out.

Paleo Tuna Salad Boats

Chick Pea and Tomato Salad is so delicious and refreshing!  I will be adding cucumber and red peppers to this and maybe some Kalamata Olives if I have any.  The more veggies the better and I love the extra crunch and saltiness!

You could also add white beans instead of chick peas and add some Fetta for yummy Mediterranean salad.

Chick Pea and Tomato Salad

Southwest Black Bean Salad.  If it has "southwest" in the title, I'm pretty much in.

Southwest Black Bean Salad

You can bet that I will be eating all of these salads with or on some greens.  Like I said, I love extra  veggies that some crunch...and nutrition!  I also add crusty bread, pita, hummus or crackers on the side for dipping and for some extra heartiness.  Sometimes I make some all natural chicken tenders for the kiddos, but I am happy to say that my kids love salads and veggies so they will go to town on this stuff :)

I also wanted to tell you about a supplement that I am taking called Greens by It Works! Global.  It is an amazing company that sells revolutionary products.  My favorite being the Greens.

I also comes in Berry flavored.  Both the Orange and the Berry are great in water, juice, applesauce and smoothies.  It also doesn't mention that it includes a probiotic!

I take this every morning and sometimes (like right now with this awful summer cold) twice.  I love that I start the day "in the black" as far as my veggies.  I have already consumed my full 8 servings of fruits and vegetables before I've had breakfast and I then everything else I eat is icing on the cake!

Plus, my kids like it!  They don't drink it everyday, but if they aren't feeling well or we see a cold coming on, I give them a half serving in some juice and gives them a little extra defense.  It is such an awesome product!

Have a great week everyone!

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