Monday, August 4, 2014

At Home Pedicure with Press On Nail Wraps

A few weeks ago, the lovely people over at Julep invited me to do a fun summer pedicure at home and blog about it. I don't do lots of pedicures at home.  It's a multi-step process that I just don't have time for right now so I usually just slap on some quick dry polish and hope it lasts a few weeks.  I am very fortunate to have nice strong nails (plus Prenatal Vitamins are awesome) and that seems to help me with this problem. So, I did my best and this is my 3 day at home pedicure.

Step 1: The Soak

Day one of trying to give myself a pedicure was all about soaking my feet.  There isn't much time for that so I multi-tasked and soaked while my baby played in the tub (I did wash my feet first...)
I was also able to remove the old polish, which was red, so it was hard to get off.  That is as far as I got.

This is the largest picture you will see of my feet - and that is because this little guy so freakin' adorable that you wouldn't even notice my feet if this post wasn't about feet.  I mean, really, that smile makes me smile no matter what!  I don't care that it's blurry because the picture is still so sweet and it is hard to take pictures of a toddler while you are in the tub with them ;)

Step 2:  Trim, File, Exfoliate
This all happened the next night right before I hopped in the shower.  So technically, I soaked them again.

Step 3:  Moisturize

Since I knew I wasn't getting to the polish yet, I slathered on my most favorite moisturizer.  The It Works! Defining Gel is literally liquid gold.  It is actually the sister product to the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator.  It can be applied daily anywhere you want to see improvement in the tone and texture of your skin.  It helps to firm and tighten the area as well.  But it has sooo many other uses because it is all natural, anti-inflammatory and super hydrating.  Rashes, sun burn or extra moisture - it does the job.  This is my absolute favorite thing to use on my feat.  I rub it in and stick a pair of socks on over night and it penetrates the thick skin better than any lotion or foot specific cream I have ever used.

Step 4:  The Polish

Since polish takes a while to dry and I never get the chance to do my nails until the kids go to bed - right before I go to bed - I decided to try these Nail Polish Strips instead.  I got these for 2.50 in the bargain bin at the pharmacy about 6 months ago and I just found them again.  I was totally skeptical, but they went on easy and have stayed on for a number of days already.  I'll try to update you on Facebook as to how long they actually last.  PLUS, I totally impressed my daughter and she is TOUGH.

Julep has some really awesome colors out right now for summer and even more for the fall transition.  I am currently in love with Angelica and I really want Anisa for the fall!

If you are looking for quick way to dry your polish, check out my post How to Quick Dry Your At Home Pedicure.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing what tools I use for my at home pedicures!  Do you do it differently?  What great time saving tips do you have?

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