Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nemo Turns One

On Sunday my little Baby Nemo turned One and it is bittersweet...

 I am thrilled that he is healthy and growing strong. I adore every new thing he does. 
 He is walking and talking and eating new foods and wanting to do the things his big brother and sister do. He is a Ham, he scrunches his little nose and shows off his 6 brand new teeth. 
 When he walks he toddles back and forth just trying to make that small distance count. 
 He giggles and grunts and says Momma, Daddy, Pap, Pop, Mimi, Woof, Hi, light, bye bye and night night. Sometimes he imitates new words like socks or doll. 
 He is tenacious. He is determined that no barrier will hold him back, no height cannot be climbed.
 He shows his love and cuddles fiercely before bed, pulling my head down so he can hug my neck and gives me kisses on the lips. He is a sweet little boy who knows he is our heart just like the other two hearts that beat beside him. 
 But he is my baby, and likely, my last and I don't want to let go of these sweet, sweet baby days.
 I savor each and every one.
 I can't stop him and I don't want to, I just don't ever want to forget. 

 photo 73ba9a8d-51fd-46a2-9c09-92290372d9d9_zpsda92a890.jpg

 photo a84fd354-5aed-432c-8e4f-2837017c0a29_zps0be908db.jpg

 photo b7fd87a1-7d9b-4c5c-8c03-f4648cfc1a69_zps3e49f863.jpg

Happy first birthday my Baby Nemo <3

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