Wednesday, November 12, 2014

29 Weeks and an Answer to our Prayers

29 weeks is so close to 30 weeks, which is a nice round number, I would like to just be 30 weeks.  I am feeling every sort of uncomfortable that I think I possible can right now.  I know that I have 11 weeks until my due date and boy does that feel like an eternity and an instant all in one.

This is actually my 28 week pic that I never posted.  I have yet to take one for 29 weeks.  I can tell you that I have dropped a bit.  I want to do a comparison shot with this one later to see how much.

Today, in particular, I am so so crampy. Like, all the way around my stomach and back. I know some of it is stress, but I can't really do anything about that.  I just wish I could get it to relax.

Also, baby is still completely breech, which is really wierd for me.

This baby is supposedly the size of a large cabbage at 29 weeks.  I disagree, but I guess this is the average.

The holiday rush has started for us.  I can't wait for delicous Thanksgiving dinner and I passed my glucose test with flying colors (I was worried!) so I can enjoy my favorite things without worrying. But the season starts for me with Dude's birthday next week.  Getting things planned at just the right time so that they don't interfere with Thanksgiving is hard every year.

Gift buying also starts now (actually, I like to be done by Thanksgiving, but that's really not happening this year...).  I try to start my list with Dude so I can decided what I want to do between his birthday and Christmas.  My birthday, our wedding anniversary and Jason's birthday also all land right around Christmas, so I want to be sure I am paying special attention to each thing (not by birthday, so much).  I am just feeling super overwhelmed with work, Holidays and baby coming so as usual, I'm avoiding all of it.  It's totally a great way to fix a problem, right?

Now that I have sufficiently complained about almost everything, I do have one very pice of good news!

My husband, Jason, has been working super hard for the last 3 years to change careers and break into a new field.  This included going back to school full time while only I worked and interning for nearly a full year.  The company that he interned for is fantastic and close by so that we didn't need to relocate.  Everything about it was a good fit and we really wanted him to be employed there.  It was just a matter of time and available positions, which were very competitive.

As of yesterday, he is officially employed by this amazing company!  This opportunity is outstanding and he was chosen out of 90 applicants to take it on.  I am beyond proud of all of Jason's accomplishemnts.  His drive and focus are something I can't even wrap my mind around.  This is such a huge answer to our prayers and we have worked so hard as a family to get here - it feels surreal.

He deserves a medal for taking care of us, working, interning and dealing with my pregnant hormones.  REALLY.  Love you, Babe!

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