Friday, May 9, 2014

Taking Stock // Motherhood

I have seen these posts on other blogs and I have loved them, but I could answer most of these questions numerous ways, pertaining to different parts of my life.  I though since we will be doting on our mothers this weekend, I should answer these as a Mother, not anything else...

Taking Stock:  Motherhood

Making: a mess.  I always feel like I did things exactly how they shouldn't be done!  At lease we are making memories :)
Cooking:  lots of pasta and veggies.  Trying to maintain a plant based diet while making things that the whole family will enjoy.
Drinking:  coffee and water.  Throw in a few beers or glasses of wine here and there and that's about all I drink.
Reading:  the Bible, both mine and the kids story book.  Also, our daily devotional.
Wanting:  to be home more.  I don't anticipate not having to work any time soon, but being home with my kiddos would be ideal.
Looking:  forward to Daddy being home more! He graduates from school this weekend and I hope that means more time with us. 
Playing:  catch-up. always.
Wishing:  for more time and more money.  I don't care what anyone says, those two things would make life much easier and enjoyable.
Enjoying:  cuddles and kisses from my babies.  My boys give the best mommy hugs and Princess knows just what to do and say to get me to reevaluate my whole existence.  She is like a tiny Me but with the simple clarity that is only possible as a child.
Liking:  the spring air (minus the allergens).  It's not my favorite time of year, but I like the sound of rain and the smell of flowers blooming.
Wondering:  what life will be like tomorrow, next week, next year, about the future.  I am always trying to see ahead though I know that being in the moment is what I really want and need.
Loving:  Boo Boo's baby words, rolls, piggie toes, funny little laugh.  Dude's old soul that shows through his eyes.  He is the sweetest old man in a little boys body.  That's hard sometimes.  Princess's growing into a little lady and" conquering her fears!" as she says.
Hoping:  that I can raise healthy, happy, successful children who still want to hang out with me when they grow up. 
Marveling:  at how fast time has flown.  It feels like I was just pregnant with Princess and we will be celebrating her 6th birthday this summer!
Needing:  time.  Time to slow down and enjoy the moment, time with my husband, time to do all the things that I want my children to remember.
Smelling:  bath soap, baby lotion, coffee and strawberries
Wearing: my usual black pants and tshirt.  I wear nicer versions to work and yoga pants and tshirts at home.
Following:  my dreams.  I have so many and I have decided realized that life is short and if I ever want to see them come true, I have to act.  
Noticing:  I have less fear as the years go on.  I guess that is part of growing up.  And the more fear I can put behind me, the more I can help my children overcome.
Knowing:  that I need to take some time for myself, especially to work out.  If I want to be the best mom that I can be, I need to be healthy and I have been putting exercise on the back burner.
Thinking:  too much.  Always.  It won't stop.  And I can't remember anything.
Feeling:  happy and sad and sentimental.  Dude gave me his Mother's Day gifts this morning that he made at school.  He was so proud and they were perfect.  He's getting so big.
Bookmarking:  verses, blog posts, recipes, craft ideas, ways to instill faith in children.
Opening:  new bubbles.  We go through A LOT.
Giggling:  with Boo Boo.  He loves to be chased right now :)  WIth Dude when he tells his silly jokes that don't make sense.  With Princess when she says things that are so wise beyond her years.  Sometimes she says things that literally shock me.
Feeling:  overwhelmed with emotion.  I can never describe exactly what I am feeling, but it's a a combination of happy, sad, anxious, content, overwhelmed and tired and excited - it fluctuates and changes from one moment to the next.

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