Friday, April 4, 2014

{Sign Up Genius} How to Create Volunteer Sign Ups and Event Invitations

Do you ever have events that you need to recruit volunteers for?  I am as involved as a working mother can be with my daughter’s school PTO and extracurriculars and we often use an email sign up to collect our volunteers and invite people to events.  It really is genius considering the old-school sign up sheet is practically non existent at this point (which I am not unhappy about).    

I constantly struggle with my son’s half day preschool events and sign ups because it’s a mid morning/mid afternoon program and most children attending have parents home during the day who drop off and pick up.  If I don’t make a point to correspond regularly with the teacher, I don’t know what is going on because it’s all posted on a bulletin outside the classroom.

Sign Up Genius is the free program that we use to create signups and send by email to parents and staff.  It is super easy to use!

How to used Sign Up Genius

1) First, create an account

2) Then build your own Sign up

3) Add General Details

4) Pick a Theme
( there are numerous options or you can upload your own images)

5) Schedule Dates/Times

6) Create Slots (if it applies)

7) Settings

8) Preview Form

9) Send invites:

This program gives you the option to send reminders, make quick changes, alerts everyone if something has been changed or canceled and can be added directly to your calendar. It makes the process sooo much easier.

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