Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby #3 is Here!

It's been two weeks since this special little person came into the world and its been a whirl wind. Two weeks! How can he be that old already? I agonized over labor and did everything I could to make it progress and suddenly I'm here, 9 days past my due date with three beautiful children.

Last you may have heard, I was on bed rest. On February 5th my blood pressure was crazy high, but because I was just over 38 weeks the doctor didn't want to induce yet. He said he didn't think I would make it to the weekend anyway. He stretched my cervix and stripped the membrane and sent me home to be on bed rest until Friday if nothing happened. I was scheduled with another doctor that Friday, the 8th at 9:20am.

That morning, my blood pressure remained the same and the doctor I saw wasn't sure why the other doctor hadn't called for induction earlier in the week. He told me to go home, pack my stuff and head straight to Labor and Delivery. He was recommending monitoring and induction.

However, he was not the doctor on call at the hospital that day. I got all excited, packed my stuff, made arrangements for Princess and Little Man and my husband and I got settled for a long stay. This was the day that Winter Storm Nemo hit and we were curious about the truth behind storm systems causing a rise in births. The nurse informed us that they were slammed. By 10 that morning they had already delivered 5 babies. I was getting strong, frequent contractions and had been for days so I felt like I would be an easy patient. But Since I didn't HAVE to be induced, I was sent home.

The on call doctor stripped the membrane again, the third time that week.
I was mad and disappointed. He scheduled me for induction on Monday morning, but I felt cheated. Ridiculous? Probably, but I was so ready.

That night I bounced on my exercise ball, ate pineapple and had my husband go get me Nachos and hot wings from my favorite place. I went to bed defeated.
Sometime around 1:00am, I had one really strong contraction that woke me from a dead sleep, but once it passed, I fell back to sleep.

At 1:20 I woke up again and decided I needed to go to the bathroom and as I sat up I felt as if something gave way and I got the full gush of my water breaking!

I called L&D and they really didn't seem interested in having me come in. Again, I was a bit miffed. We were in the middle of a snow/ice storm but my water freaking broke- come on! What had them tell me to come in was that I had not received the results of my Strep B test, so they needed to be sure I was negative or get me started on antibiotics.

My parents met my husband and I at the hospital and stayed in the delivery room with us. Only my Dad left at the awkward times that neither he nor I wanted him to witness.

I had an Epidural, my third. I was given Pitocin at 8:30am to strengthen my contractions and they assured me that by my progress, I would be delivering by noon.

I told the nurse that I was feeling shaky and that was normal for me during transition. She told me that it's hormonal and didn't necessarily mean anything but when she couldn't get a read on the babies heart rate she decided to check my progress. She couldn't get his heart rate because I was ready to push and he was too far engaged!

My beautiful baby boy was born at 9:42 on Saturday, February 9th, 2013! 8 Ibs, 12 oz, 20 inches long. I pushed for one minute and he was here!

My perfect precious baby is here and is surrounded by doting family. Princess and Little Man are smitten! Our biggest challenge is protecting baby from all the hands-on love his siblings dish out ;)

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