Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Timeline

Other than to complain, it seems that I have not written much about this pregnancy.  I announced it, posted some ultrasound pics and then talked about how horrible I felt.  As I near the end I am regretting not reveling in it more.  Every time I thought about writing about it, it seemed redundant or I just wanted to keep the details to myself.

This was definitely a challenging pregnancy and I have battled the usual Blood Pressure and pain issues that I had with my other children, but this one was especially hard because I already have two rambunctious little ones and near constant contractions from about 6 months on.  I am lucky, though, that none of it every amounted to actual Preterm Labor or Pre Eclampsia and it's only right now that things are progressing.

I am currently 37 weeks and 2 days.  Induction may be in my future if my Blood Pressure does not steady itself so I am doing everything in my power to move things along naturally-the sooner, the better ;)
And, no worries.  I realize that 37 weeks, although full term, is a little early.  Nothing that I am doing is hurting my little guy and even if he did come today, he's not that little-my kids just aren't small.

I out together a little time line collage of our growth thus far.  I hope you enjoy!


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