Friday, December 5, 2014

32 Weeks

32 Weeks, so that means 8 weeks until my due date.

I have really had it good up until this point.  This pregnancy (other than the morning sickness that I was able to thwart using this remedy), things have been very good.  I don't know if it has actually been easier or if I have been effectively distracted by my other children and life in general, but there haven't been many compliants.

Well, yesterday, things seemed to take a turn.  One I was completely expecting earlier on and then things were just fine. So I thought that maybe this would be a relatively uneventful pregnancy.

The Good:
I had an ultrasound yesterday and I was thrilled to find out that baby is finally head down and in position!  That is great news because he has been breech since I have been having ultrasounds and I was getting really worried about having a C-section.  He is doing great! Had a non-stress test and he was perfect, he's growing like crazy (over 5 Ibs already!) and fluid levels were good.  We could even see that he has some hair :)

The Bad:
Then I went to a regular OB appointment and discovered that my blood pressure was really high.  Not higher than it has ever been, but higher than it's been since before I was put on medication (standard for me during pregnancy).  I was nearly sent to Labor and Delivery for monitoring, but thank goodness they decided to settle for home monitoring and returning in a few days.  We talked about a plan moving forward and it sounds like higher doses of medication and possible bedrest.  I will likely be induced early if I don't naturally go into labor by 38 weeks, so that really leaves me with only maybe 6 weeks.  (If this sounds sever for one high BP reading, it's not for me.  All of my pregnancies have resulted in dangerously high BP that needs to be monitored and usually has me in line for inductiuon unless I can bring labor on myself, which I have done rather successfully).

My concerns going into my appointment were the constant dizziness and weak muscles/shakiness that I have been experiencing for the last 2 weeks.  Being on my feet has become very problematic.  I can hardly hold my son and my energy level has decreased dramatically.  I have also been having panic attacks at night - a sure sign that my anxiety/depression/hormone combo is getting to the point of needing intervention.  I knew these symptoms were probably something bigger, but I operate in a wied limbo of "do I or don't I call the doctor?" becuase I am usually told it's normal for me and to rest more. Yeah.

The new doctor at my practice was so awesome and understanding it was almost shocking.  I usually have to ask questions about everything as they are running out the door, but I was really impressed by how he took his time and talked with me so thouroughly about what was happening.  Things could be so much worse than they are, but I am definitely feeling a little defeated, where I was feeling pretty triumfant just yesterday.

No picture this week.  The days have been so hectic that the idea of a picture doesn't even enter my brain until I'm makeupless and in less than flattering PJ's so forgive me if I don't want to show you that loveliness ;)

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