Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dude Turns 5!

Last year, turning 4.

Taking the dress code at his sister's tea party very seriously.

Last night:

Me:  "Good Night, Buddy.  When you wake up, you will be 5!"
Dude:  "As soon as I wake up?"
Me:  "Well, technically it won't officially happen until later in the afternoon, but this is the last night you will go to bed 4."
Dude:  "Oh, ok." lol...

And this is how he went to bed, with his Wee Willie Winkie night cap that he made in preschool a couple of years ago.  He legit wears this thing to bed in the winter randomly.

This morning:
Me:  "Good morning Birthday Boy!"
Dude:  "Good morning."
Me:  "Do you feel like a 5 year old?"
Dude:  "No, not really."  Do I look 5?"
Me:  "Yes, you have grown a lot this year."
Dude:  "No I don't"

I have never met a kid that is so calm about his birthday and resistant to turning the new age.  He is so introspective and intense!  Who doesn't believe that they are really 5?!

He was born at 5:50pm, so technically he's 5 right around dinner time, but come on!

Loves taking selfies.

His birthday always lands right near Thanksgiving.  Last year it was only a few days  before, this year we have a full week between, but it still make scheduling parties and things difficult.  We are taking him to dinner at the restuarant of his choice tonight, so we will be celebrating right when he officially turns 5.  And  when I tell him he is officially 5, he'll tell me I have been saying that all day.  I know it.

Posing with his new legos.

Me and him. "Don't Mom!"  Gues what?  I won't ever stop ;)

Happy 5th birthday to my first little boy and the biggest brother.  You are my sweet, sensative and thoughtful Little Man and I will not ever stop kissing you.  Foreget it.

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