Friday, September 26, 2014

Veggie (if you want it to be) Meal Plan 9.29.14

Plant based meals are still whats on my mind when I cook, but during pregnancy I am not meat free and definitely not dairy free. Milk is just about the only thing to help with the acid reflux that I experience and it has to be cow's milk. Don't know why.

Judge if you'd like, but I feel better sticking with a traditional diet during pregnancy and I am pretty much a slave to cravings. It usually deters me from eating meat, which is funny, but if I crave fried chicken, it's all I can stomach.

That being said, I try to make sure most of my meal plan options easily become Meatless  which is absolutely possible with the Pasta Bake and Quiche below.  I know, eggs and cheese in quiche are pretty hard to change up.  Here's a  vegan quiche option  :)

I make a basic Cheddar, Bacon Broccoli Quiche that is very similar to this one from Fifteen Spatulas.  It's easy and tastes just as good without bacon or with your choice of bacon substitute. If you want a Vegan Quiche Recipe, try this!

I also plan on trying out a pumpkin recipe this weekend.  I think it will be these Mini Pumpkin Pies because it is my most favorite kind of pie and am thrilled that it's finally time to eat it again! 

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