Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pregnancy Week 21

I didn't post much about my 20th week last week even though it is usually a huge milestone for any pregnant woman.  Half way there!  Woohoo!

I was super focused on some other things going on and I was really, really looking forward to the ultrasound I had scheduled for the next day where we found the sex of the baby.  And, yes, we did find out ;)

This is week 21 and I am glad I held off a little on my post because this last week has been a game changer.
 photo 4a9ae605-8d5f-428c-a21d-76a8be3d6219_zps6c8d1b81.jpg
 photo e0abd1c7-8fc5-4fa9-9237-8424ab16fa7e_zpsee3092c6.jpg

Somewhere in the last week I have become VERY pregnant.  My skin is a MESS, my acid reflux is already killing me at 8:30 this morning, some of my very comfortable maternity clothing are getting to tight and my back and hips are feeling the growth.

Baby's movement has also become much more pronounced.  The kicks and jabs are very apparent and I can feel when they change position.  I am also getting that heavy, sore feeling at the bottom of my uterus.  It's not my favorite thing.  When I feel it I know that I need to get off of my feat and rest a bit, but that isn't always possible :/

Do you want to know what we are having?

Everyone was certain that this baby is a girl.  My cravings are similar, but I really have felt much healthier and gained less weight with this one than any other pregnancy, so there weren't many similarities to tie together.  My daughter wants a sister and everyone seemed on board for having the even numbers 2 and 2.  Jason and I just want a healthy baby.  Boy or girl, they are loved <3

Can you tell what we are having?  This is the most provocative picture you will ever see on this blog, I assure you!

 photo a5b66408-8a98-4f45-933e-b58b76d10ce2_zps4ef324ed.jpg

I couldn't wait to tell everyone, but the kids were first on my list (because , obviously Jason was with me).

Princess was initially disappointed.  "Another BOY!"  But it passed quickly and she is just excited for another sibling.  She's all for me having baby after baby, lol.

Dudes reaction was so awesome and unexpected.  He doesn't usually get worked about this stuff and really showed no interest up until then.

"It's a BOY!!! [Princess] IT'S ANOTHER BOY!!!!!!"

He is so excited to have another brother!

Booboo isn't really aware of what's going on.  Though, he is becoming curious about my belly's growth.  He likes to pull my shirt up at night and rub his hand over my belly.  I tell him there is a baby in there and he just smiles.  I think he thinks I'm being silly.

We are all very happy to have a very healthy baby boy on the way!

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