Thursday, August 21, 2014

17 Weeks, 1 Day

I am a day late on this post because I should have done it yesterday, but things happen, so here is my 17 week post :)

I don't have a picture yet, I hope to get one done at some point today and I will post it when that happens, sorry!

I woke up yesterday feeling good.  I am now 3 days without my miracle Morning Sickness Cocktail.  I don't like taking anything I don't have to during pregnancy and I had been feeling pretty good so I decided it was time to see how I really feel without medicine.  Thank goodness I am feeling sooo much better!  Still waves of nausea here and there.  My appetite is completely at the whim of my hormones.  I can't plan anything to eat for myself because I will only know if I can stomach the idea of a certain food at the site or smell of it. But I'll take it over feeling like death 24/7.  It has also kept my weight in check.

Week 17 the baby is about he size of a turnip according to

I am not a small girl to begin with.  Even in my 20's when I was tied to the gym 2 hours a day I was muscular and never skinny.  Pregnancy is not kind in regard to my weight and getting it off is pretty tough afterwards. Every time, I tell myself that I am going to be very careful about what I eat and only gain the minimum, but this is the first time that looks like a possibility.  Having 3 other kids to chase after helps too ;)

Like I said, I woke up feeling good, but I did something really stupid early in the morning.  We traded in my minivan for a new one and I owed the dealership a seat that we had removed.  Instead of asking for help, I carried the stupid thing in myself and it was way heavier than I anticipated...

I am not supposed to lift things or be on my feet much at all so I can say I am an idiot and it is true.

Afterwards my belly was rock hard and my back felt battered.  I felt like I fast forwarded through 2-3 months of pregnancy.  I was waddling and chair ridden most of the day.  When I went to bed I had the awful acid reflux I said last week wasn't apparent yet and I had really bad dreams.   I feel ok this morning, but we'll see how the day goes.

I might just have been a coincidence because supposedly baby goes through a growth spurt weeks 16-17 or maybe I was just not smart.  Time will tell.

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