Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: A Flattering Generational Imitation

Twenty five years ago I graduated from Kindergarten wearing a peach and pastel linen dress and received a huge and adorable diploma that is now hanging in a yellow frame in my parents office at home.

My dad has been backing up old photos by scanning them into his computer and saving them on an external hard drive.  He printed out myKindergarten graduation picture to show me because my daughter and I look very much a like at the same age.

You can probably guess from the fact that they still have my Kindergarten diploma hanging up and that they are backing up 25+ year old photos that my parents save everything.  That dress?  Was still in the basement last week.

My daughter loves to go "shopping" in their basement because they always find my old toys and clothes. My Mom mentioned that they still had the dress I was wearing in the picture, so she and Princes pulled found it and she has been wearing it around the house for off and on for about a week.  She then decided that she must recreate my graduation picture.

She put on the dress, made her own diploma and did her best to mimic my pose ;)

Sometimes I feel like a very uncool Mom, but when the kids do stuff like this I feel very flattered that they want to emulate something about me.  This is one of my favorites <3

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