Wednesday, January 15, 2014


On our way to drop the kids off this morning, Princess asks me,

"Mommy, do wishing wells really grant wishes?"

I felt bad, but of all the things I will have to reveal to her, I figured that wishing wells were the least likely to cause a permanent scar.

"No honey, I don't think they do."

Still feeling bad, I said,

"But, you know, if you stay positive, work real hard and set goals, you can make things happen for yourself!"

It took me most of my life to realized that with the power of prayer and positive thought, anything is possible. I thought I was enlightening her.  I pictured her giving an interview one day and telling the reporter about how her mother was the reason she had become so successful in life.

But, clearly, I have been jaded by adulthood...

Princess says,

"I really wish my dolls would come to  life and play with  me.  Then I wouldn't have to pretend!"

Which is, like, MY WORST NIGHTMARE.

This is where the similarities end between me and my daughter.  I have had a long and deep fear of inanimate objects like dolls and figurines.  Stuffed animals seem safer, but I still don't trust them.

My little girl will prop them up at the end of her bed so that they are staring at her!  I have to avert my eyes when I am tucking her in.

photo credit:Tienfijftien

So then, I decided that maybe I wasn't going to enlighten my children, but there is some small success in saving them from fearing toys.

Then she amends her original statement...

"Except for my green faced witch doll (from the Wizard of Oz!).  I don't want that one to come to life."

I felt better :)

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