Friday, December 6, 2013

My Favorite Christmas Stories

At Christmas time, I go through all of our books and pull together all of the Christmas/Winter themed ones to keep in one central location where the kids will look at them most often and choose them for their bedtime stories.

We have lots of Christmas books, but I have three favorites:

This is the story of Mary's night after giving birth to Jesus.  She cradles him and talks to him about how he will be King one day, but in that moment she was treasuring her time as his mother.  My kids love the pictures (they are beautiful!) and the story, but it really pulls on a mother's heart.  The first time I read it, it nearly made me cry - to see this story from the point of view of a mother who knows that her son is not hers and is meant for great things.  She's proud, joyful and sad all at the same time.

Something about this book is nostalgic for me.  It's just a classic and it brings the magic of Christmas night and Santa to life.  We always read this on Christmas Eve before bed when I was little and we do the same with my kids.  We actually started a few nights ago because Little Man wanted it for his bedtime story.

I never appreciated this book when I was younger - EVERYTHING was about trains at our house once my brothers were into it.  Train tables, train books, train decor, etc...
But I have gotten over that and now I love this book!  I am a sucker for artwork and this book is gorgeous!  My son loves trains (surprise, surprise) and the movie is on rotation year round.  I like the movie, but the book is a classic and I wish I had given it a chance way back when.

What are your favorite holiday books?  Does your family have a favorite?

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