Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Need of a Snow Day

Finding myself being moody and tired these days.  I know it's a combination of various stressors in my life, but com'on!  It's not 24/7, but I find myself in a funk and with no real event to pinpoint my emotions.  I am super thankful for the snow yesterday.  Yes, it's a pain today, but I NEEDED a snow day.  God knew that and he delivered.

Pretty much the whole county is having some sort of winter storm action so most of you can relate to winter hitting hard this week.  I was dreading the storm yesterday because the one on Sunday was a disaster.  They were making a big deal about a couple of expected inches that I was sure wouldn't really happen and then we got stuck at a holiday party that was a disaster.  Ended up with close to 9 inches of snow!

So when I got up yesterday I was planning on packing up the kids, taking them to Grandma's and heading to work.  I was just praying I could get there before the snow started and that it would be over and the roads cleared by the time I got done.  I hemmed and hawed about the situation for a while before making the decision to leave, but as luck would have it, the snow started before we were ready to go and was so heavy already that I made the call that we were not going anywhere.

It was just what we needed as a family.

I could take some time and breath while also doing 5 loads of laundry that would be 10 by next week and no time to do anything about it until then.  It was nice to get some things accomplished and have time to do crafts, play in the snow and bake cookies :)  Nemo also ate pizza crust for the first time.  I love being there when he does things for the first time, even if it's a minor event.

We are expecting an ice storm this weekend that I am praying passes us by, but yesterday was good.

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