Thursday, September 19, 2013

iOS 7 Review

photo credit:  osxdaily
How has your experience been testing out Apple's iOS 7?

As usual, it took me forever to get the new operating system on my phone.  Silly me only has a 16 GB iPhone.  Won't happen again.

I have a bagillion pictures on my phone and I think that I have a pictures and I pay for the iCloud, why can't I keep everything on my phone?  I access my pictures for blogging and social media numerous times each day and I am often very happy with myself that I kept a picture from months ago that goes perfectly with what I am working on.

Yes, I have my pics backed up in more than one other place.  However, I access my stuff remotely more than I am able to sit at my computer and work.  That's the WHOLE POINT of this smartphone thing.  So I can do that.

I ended up parting with as many pictures as I could from my phone and about 1/2 my apps.  I also upgraded my iCloud just to be sure I have enough room.   

Done rant, sorry.

So, I finally have the new operating system on my phone and I like it.  Despite all the turmoil.  The new visual gives me the same feeling that I talked about when I wrote Loving G+ Right Now.  It's simplistic in design and very functional.

10 Things I Love the Most

  1. Command Center - airplane mode, wi-fi, bluetooth, DND, lock, brightness, volume, calendar, clock, camera and flashlight all at the flip of your thumb!
  2. iTunes Radio - no need for other radio apps
  3. Photo Taking Options / Filters / Collections - photo shape/size and panorama mode are front and center.  Filters are easy access as well.
  4. iCloud Keychain - OMG.  iCloud can now remember your account names, passwords and credit card numbers.  Good or bad, almost all of us walk around with password protected personal info on our phones.  Just be safe.
  5. Bubble Level - enter the compass and swipe left.
  6. Omnifolder - unlimited number of apps are allowed in a file.
  7. Automatically Update Apps
  8. Disable Ad Tracking - iOS 6 tracked your activity for advertizement.  You can turn it off in iOS 7  (Privacy >> Advertizing >> Limit Ad Tracking)
  9. Spotlight - search almost anything from any screen with a downward swipe.
  10. New Ringtones and wallpapers.  I like new and pretty ;)
What do you think?  Did you update?  How'd you fare?

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