Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School: 10 School Supplies That Your Kindergartener Will Need This Year

My baby is heading off to Kindergarten this year, and while I kinda dread it, I love shopping for school supplies!  That was always the best part of going back to school for me.  That and clothes shopping, of course.  I loved breaking out the new shoes and pencils!  No doubt we will be doing our fair share of clothes shopping - she has a very specific style - but I think I will handle the supplies.  I know the school box needs to be pink ;)

This is what mine and most Kindergarteners will need this school year:

  • Paper Towels
  • Baby Wipes (soft pack)
  • Tissues
  • No.2 Pencils
  • Crayons (24pk)
  • Watercolor Paints (8 colors)
  • Plastic Pocket Folder
  • Plastic School Box (8.25" x 5.63" x 2.13")
  • Fiskars 5" Blunt Scissors
  • Fine Point Dry Erase Markers (4pk)

Also, did you know that many school districts offer direct ordering through the school?

You order and the supplies are delivered to your child's classroom at the start of the year.  Everything is the same as everyone else's and it takes all the guess work (and overpriced character themed stuff) out of the equation. 

Some additional supplies that you may need or want:

Hand Sanitizer

I also want to mention a post written by Julie that drives home the importance of taking school suggestions seriously.  A lot of parents feel like schools are asking too much, especially when it comes to spending money on supplies.  Julie makes some very valid points on their intentions.

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