Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day and National Take Back Day

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In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to to tell you about the National Take Back Initiative, the DEA's prescription drug collection day.

On Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 10am-2pm, locations all over the county will be collected unwanted/unused medications for proper disposal.

Many of us have medications at home that they can't or haven't taken.  I, personally, have trouble with antibiotics and often find that I have a bad reaction to them.  This leads to me having to switch medications and then having a bottle full of pills that I am not sure how to dispose of.  Below is some information about medication disposal.

Why shouldn't I dispose of prescriptions myself?

Even a small dose of a medication that is meant for one individual should never be taken by another.  Complications could be serious resulting in injury or even death.  If medication is thrown into the trash or poured down a sink drain, the medication has the potential to be absorbed in to the it's surroundings.  We do not want random medications leached into our soil or water systems.  This is harmful to our environment and our bodies.

Where can I take medications to be disposed of?

Many pharmacies take medications on a regular basis, but often for a fee.  It is also common for an individual police department or township to run their own collection and notices will be posted at the location that they will be accepting medications at a certain location, date and time.  National Take Back Day is acknowledged nation-wide so there are many locations that are convenient.  Take a look at the DEA's website for a location near you!  

What if I need to get rid of medication before a collection?

The next best solution to medication disposal is to grind up the medication and place it in a sealed plastic container with coffee grounds or cat litter.  This decreases the likelihood of the medication leaking into the environment.  Some medications have been approved for being dumped down the drain or flushed.  That list can be found on the FDA website

I think that the National Take-Back Initiative is a great idea and very convenient service.  I have my things packed and ready for drop off!

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