Friday, January 4, 2013

Star of Bethlehem 

I am totally bummed that Christmas is over.  I know that Orthodox Christmas is not until Sunday and that there are technically 12 days of Christmas, but once New Years passes I feel the depression setting it.  I so, so, so love October through December.  It is such a warm and nostalgic time of year and when it's over, I feel like all the warmth goes with it.  Not the literal warmth, because I like cold and snowy weather, but the warmth in every one's spirit.  Even in the midst of tragedy in December, we all felt so grateful for what we had and held tightly to our loved ones.  It all seems forgotten. 

When I was a kid, even through college, the continuation of winter break is what made the passing of the holiday so bearable.  I was lucky to have the day after Christmas off this year, but then it was right back to work.  I watched the florists take down the decorations yesterday and the rooms feel sterile.  We have one last holiday celebration with extended family this weekend - postponed because every one's schedules have become so hectic- and then it will all truly be over. 

And I am truly surprised that others don't feel the same way.  I know that some people do not necessarily have what I have as far as family and memories, but the feeling of Christmas has to better than any other time of year, right?

How do you feel after the Holidays?  Do you mourn them the way I do or are you quick to move on?  I think I should start treating it like a band aid.  Just rip it off and be done so there isn't anything to dwell on...  My tree won't be going anywhere until next weekend unless someone else wants to take it down for me.

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