Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another New Year's Post

I am usually all about writing a huge list of New Year's resolutions.  For the last two years the list grew and grew until I realized that I wanted to see improvement in almost every aspect of my life.  Not that things weren't going well, but I had aspirations that exceeded what was already happening.  I have to say that I made very little headway in 2012, but that's because our lives took so many dramatic turns.

I kicked off January with my SITS day and I was so thrilled because the timing was perfect!  I wanted to make great strides with my blog and hosting an "open house" of sorts was a great first step.  I also began writing for a local site that hosts a number of blogs on various topics.  Mine is Mommy-based, of course, but it really feels good.  I would love it you checked it out :)

But once we were a few months into 2012, we realized that a career change for my husband was a top priority.  His current job made him miserable and he was never able to spend much time with us as a family.  He had also been taking classes at a local university for over a year in preparation for a change, but the course load was getting to be too much to balance with his work schedule.  We made the decision for him to quit his job and go to school full time.  It gave him the ability to focus on his studies and complete his degree in a much shorter amount of time than it would have taking 1-2 classes each semester.  That made me the only one bringing in a paycheck-YIKES!

Then, just after he quit his job, we found out that we were expecting!  This baby is truly a blessing but was completely unexpected.  By May, our lives were headed in a very different direction!

I am super happy that everything happened the way that it did.  Nothing has transpired that wasn't meant to be.  The blog took a hit, though.  I wrote a lot about whether I should just stop altogether, but ultimately decided that I wanted to continue.  I set limitations and it could be days before I posted next, but I couldn't just let go.

This year?  No resolutions.  It sends me in too many different directions-just in my nature.  I need to focus.  So maybe that's the word that will drive me this year.  FOCUS.  I am weeks away from giving birth and our family will be in a time of transition for a while.  My focus needs to be on them.  Having my husband home more has made such a tremendous difference in our family dynamic.  It's never been better!  I can't wait to start this new chapter with him and all our little ones :)

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