Monday, December 31, 2012



I am making changes and this is one of them.  I used to be a Wordpress user and I loved it.  Love Wordpress and the flexibility it offers.  But while everyone seems to be switching over to Wordpress from Blogger, I am doing the opposite.  Oh, and my files aren't coming with me right now.

See, while I like to write, share, create, learn, etc... I am not technically adequate when it comes to site maintenance and it finally bit me in the you know what.  I fooled around with one too many gadgets and what not and got myself in a bind that I couldn't afford to get out of.  Could I easily pay someone to do all this for me?  Yes, except it would have to be in Thank-yous and hugs because I currently do not have a budget for such things.

And? I kinda feel like a lot of my previous content was junk.  I appreciate you to the ends of the earth for putting up with my ramblings if you followed me before.  You were very patient.  I may slowly bring things over as I figure it out, but maybe not.  We'll see.

Being New Year's Eve, this is the beginnings of beginnings and there is no time better to start something new. I have a lot ahead this year.

  • Baby #3 should be making his debut in the next few weeks.
  • Princess will be starting Kindergarten!
  • My Little Man starts preschool just this week.  My preschool heartache is just as strong this time around :(
  • My husband will be making huge strides in his career plan as 2014 nears.
It's fun to see how things have changed since this time last year and where my focus has shifted.  I started off 2012 with blogging goals and a new business on my mind.  But I found out that my focus needed to be on my family and my Life, not my career.  Do I still want some of the same things?  The answer is yes, but our family is not in the right season for me to be pursuing them.  My priorities have changed and the barometer for success  is a happy family.  It always was, but I put too much emphasis on other things and it was distracting me from what is truly important.

Happy New Year everyone!

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