Friday, October 31, 2014

27 Weeks and Happy Halloween!

So, we have reached the 27 week milestone!

Please ignore how puffy and swollen I look.  It's gonna be the norm for the next 3+ months...

I don't even know if people still make a big deal about this particular week or pregnancy, but when I was pregnant with my first (2008) my birth boards were a-buzz with information about the survival rate of an infant at 27 weeks if the mother happened to deliver early.

It's kind of a downer to think about a child being born so early because it is my no means a goal to have, but if you have a complicated pregnancy or run the risk of preterm labor and delivery, it is a comfort to know that your baby has more than a 90% chance of surviving and thriving.  With my pregnancies not always being easy and problems with contraction starting early on, this has always been a milestone that I couldn't wait to reach.

This picture does not do the baby's size justice, IMO.  I feel like I have at least two in there.

27 weeks also happens to be the last week of the second trimester!!! Cue the band music ;)

I'm not in a hurry, really, but it does feel nice to be coming to the home stretch.  I am excited to have a new baby in the house and I can't wait to meet him and get to hold him in my arms, but there is also sooo much to do before he comes.

We still have a little one sleeping our bed and I need to get him moved to his own room and into his toddler bed very soon.  But I have been saying this for months...

I also have no desire to sort through our infant clothes.  It feels like as soon as I get set for one season, it's time to switch out the clothes again.  I just don't feel like going to the basement and pulling out the big tub and then wash everything..... I also don't think I have that much because I threw a lot of stained things out and donated/gave away a bunch of stuff after Booboo.  So I probably need to actually purchase some things.

I'm not actually complaining about this, but I can tell you it is different to get ready for #4.  With Princess I already had everything washed and sorted.  It's not as easy to be so organized and "on the ball" with everything else going on.

In other news:  It's Halloween!

Princess is...wait for it...Elsa from Frozen!
Dude: Captain America
Booboo: Pirate

We've been Trunk or Treating already, but tonight is the real deal.  Can't wait to get some good pics!

Happy Halloween!

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