Tuesday, July 29, 2014


My little girl, the one who made me a mother, turns 6 today!
She is beautiful and spunky with an attitude to rival any teenager.  She is a little dancer who is enjoying Hip Hop more than Ballet, Tap and Jazz these days, but I think it has to do with the clothes, because she’s also a little fashionista.  She is the girliest girly girl – she far surpasses anything that I can bring to the table as girl myself.  She is smart and determined.  She wants to be a dance teacher and a scientist “about space” when she grows up.  In fact she brought home only space books from the library this week.  She WILL learn how do to whatever she sets her mind to and she won’t back down when she hears the word NO.  It’s something I want to see stay with her for life, but I would love if it would not be so determined when she hears it from me, lol.

She is fierce!

 photo 84efd441-c75a-4156-bfb5-c4438f490f5a_zps585a7ba2.jpg
 photo 4thofJuly2014037_zpsf3f9a4dd.jpg

 photo 8ccae66e-45ef-434b-b768-d8109635c93b_zps59e87fc7.jpg
 photo 4thofJuly2014028_zps1a155401.jpg
 photo 135faf4c-8631-4863-9e9e-26045a821dbf_zps199c47bc.jpg photo bc5874d2-ca2e-45a8-b081-09a300522246_zps7710daae.jpg

 photo fba256de-8d95-4411-8b67-27e199673c1a_zps5df2b271.jpg

 photo b536b3d1-2204-4fa5-b0e9-29a63093c7df_zpse3e6a758.jpg

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