Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{2013} A Year in Review

2013 has been a very short and wonderful year!  I cannot remember a year that flew by as fast as this one has.  I might say that every year, but it is absolutely true right now.  I think the more children and blessings you add, the faster time goes.  Yet, we tend to focus on all of the terrible things and it drags us down.  I want to forget all the bad and meditate on the good.  I want to make positive changes in all aspects of my family's lives.  2014 will be the year of POSITIVITY and beautiful things <3

Our highlights from 2013 by month...

Little Man began preschool.
Began this Blog anew and transferred to Blogger from Wordpress.
Left work to go on bed rest.

After multiple false alarms and bed rest, Baby Nemo came during "Winter Storm Nemo." 8 Ibs 12 oz and 20 inches long.  He is a joyful addition to our family!
Transitioning to a family of 5 was  easier than 3 and 4 except that germs were rampant and all the kiddos were sick quite a bit, including Nemo :(

We were able to provide the kids with the ultimate play set for the back yard!  We had been trying for a couple of years to save for one and our tax return and gifts made it possible :)

Princess graduated from Preschool.

Princess turned 5...FIVE!

Launched Worthington Lower Designs and redesigned the blog.

Jason passed his first Actuary exam and on his way to being certified! Dreams becoming reality.
Princess started Kindergarten.  I have a child in elementary school!

Little Man turned 4.
Started a new business venture for our family.

Princess performed with the Chester County ballet in The Nutcracker.
Nemo's first Christmas - not a big deal to him, but magical for the rest of the family <3

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