Monday, September 30, 2013

Vegan Menu Plan September 30, 2013

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This week I want to point you to another blog for inspiration.  I have been searching for yummy Vegan recipes because that is what I would ultimately like to transition to.  It really isn't going to work entirely for our family, but I would like to have as many Vegan alternatives added to our regular menu as possible.  I can't wait until I am whipping up Vegan dishes as a staple weeknight dinner for my family!

Oh Dear Drea provides exactly what I need to feel at ease about this decision.  Our reasons for wanting to be Vegan are a little bit different, but I don't feel things shoved down my throat when I look through her blog.  She gives easy examples and delicious recipes accompanied by gorgeous visuals.  Her pictures and graphics are what drew me in originally.

Here are three of her recipes that I am drooling over:

Vegan Spring Rolls (Fresh Rolls)
Vegan Taco Ideas
Vegan Bean and Biscuit Stew (I adore warm and comforting)

If you are looking for further inspiration for recipes and menu planning visit

I'd love for you to also visit my Vegan and Vegetarian boards on Pinterest :)  That's where I pull most of my recipes and inspiration these days.

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