Friday, August 16, 2013

Working Mother Guilt

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Today is one of those days where guilt eats me up over being a working mother. I don't have a choice, but I question myself in moments like these.

Did we make the right decisions?
Are we doing our best?
What if...?

The answers are yes, yes and what-ifs get you nowhere.

I know these things, but I still run over them in my mind daily.

Yesterday, my little guy Nemo had his 6 month well visit and received 3 shots :(  And unlike my older two children, they really make him feel lousy.  Each time we have gone he has done wonderfully and then has a very tough few days after.  On top of that, he's teething, so he was already feeling kinda bad.

This morning when I had to get ready for work, he wanted me to hold him and cuddle.  I snuggled him for as long as I could and then I had to hand him over to Daddy.  Luckily, Daddy is his very favorite person.  But he cried!  He doesn't cry for Daddy!  Today he wanted me, his Mommy, and I had to leave.


I firmly believe that mothers should be home with their children and I am deeply resentful about how most families need two incomes to survive.  We are making sacrifices now so that my husband can get a really good job that allows me to be home with the kids.  But right now, my baby needs me and I'm not there.  These times make it hard.

No point, no pity.  I am just writing to share.

Do you struggle with this or other sacrifices that you have had to make, even though they will be for the best in the end?

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