Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Herbal Migraine Prevention

If you know me or have been reading here long, you know that I suffer from migraines.  I have experienced most categories ranging from mild to sever, with aura and without, simple components to bed-ridden.  My migraines have also changed over the last decade so my treatment plans have had to change.
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I started with over the counter ibuprofen and acetaminophen.  Sometimes I even threw in some naproxen and  aspirin.  Excedrine Migraine helped most of the time.  I  came to find out that I had an addiction to pain medication and was actually doing myself more harm.

My Neurologist put me on various combinations of prescription medication for both prevention and treatment at occurrence.  During my first two pregnancies, I was fortunate to not have any migraines (not so lucky during the third pregnancy) and I did not need any intervention.  I have since avoided anything beyond OTC medications, but my condition seems to be returning to what it was before children which means I need better treatment.

My cousin and I have been on a similar journey for the last 10 years and we always collaborate on our newest findings.  We had an organic conversation the other day about herbal treatment.  I trust what she has to say because she is more in tune with the medical community (she is a nurse) and I love it when we are on the same page!  We had both independently done research and spoken with doctors about alternatives to pumping our bodies with medication that has failed us.  There are 6 supplements that are widely available that are being considered good options for migraine prevention.

  1. Magnesium
  2. 5-htp
  3. Butterbur
  4. Feverfew
  5. Riboflavin / B2
  6. CoQ10

My doctor recommended that I take 500 mgs of Magnesium before bed.  It can act as a relaxant, so taking it before bed actually helps me fall asleep a bit easier.  I have noticed a decrease in the number of headaches that I get overall and the ones I have gotten have been minor and easily remedied with ibuprofen.  I am happy with the results.

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