Monday, June 23, 2014

Veggie Meal Plan 6/23/14

It's funny...I told you that you may find recipes here that have meat in them because I was needing a bit more protein and my family wanted to see a little variety.  I could probably just eat rice and beans with a side of roasted veggies and maybe a piece of crusty bread on the side nearly every day.

But I have noticed that since adding a bit of meat here and there, I think to myself "This was so much better without the chicken/fish/beef.  It's ruining the texture and flavor!"

I never thought that I would dislike the flavor and especially the texture.  If anything it's the texture of meat in my food that has brought me back most times.  I have always missed the heartiness that meat adds to a meal.
But it doesn't seem so this time around :)

I will still be making things that please my whole family, but if I feature the recipe here, you can bet that the meat and maybe even the dairy can be supplemented or left out completely.

More rice and beans ;)  I am trying to figure out my most favorite way to eat them.  Sometimes my kids rave about how rice and beans can be, but if I add to much other stuff they won't take a second look.  There is an awesome authentic Mexican restaurant and grocer in our town that has the MOST AMAZING rice and beans and I would love to have the recipe to mess around with.  I can guarantee that there is pork or something in the broth but I bet we could figure something out!

This is one of the recipes that you could completely omit the chicken from.  It looks super delicious and I don't think you would miss the meat at all.

When my husband and I were dating we used to go to Cosi a lot and we always got this Hummus and Veggie on flatbread.  I was super yummy!  And since we both ate it, we could both have hummus breath ;)  Since then, the Cosi in our area has gone down hill a bit so we don't go anymore, but I have been looking for a replacement for that sandwich.  This grilled wrap seems comparable. 

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