Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Let's Have a Coffee Date

I don't think we have had a coffee date in a while, so lets?

If you came to my house for coffee, I would come to the door with Boobo on my hip and you would be greeted by our two dogs, Ginger and Jack, who do not know a stranger.  They'd probably try to lick you to death before I could wrangle them upstairs behind the gate.

Actually, I'd probably have you call me when you were in the driveway so I could do that before they attack you...

Just behind me will be Princess and Little Man because they love when we have guests.

Booboo would cling to me with his face slightly hidden from you because he is a little unsure of people he doesn't see everyday.

I would offer you a drink.  I would have coffee ready but we would also have tea, water, juice and milk if you would prefer something different.  I would probably have made or bought a snack for us as well. Biscotti, coffee cake, something like that...

I would set the older two up with a snack and activity and Booboo in his high chair with us.  I would have my mug with coffee and you would have yours and we would sit at the kitchen table overlooking the family room and chat.

I would start by asking how you have been.  How is work?  Your family?  Anything new going on?  Any new projects in the near future?

You would fill me in on the little things...this and that...what you are excited to be venturing into.

Summer break is about to start and I would tell you about the summer camps that I have my kids signed up for and that we are going to finally begin swimming lessons.  I found private and semi-private lessons for a reasonable price.  This is necessary because one of the kids fell in the pool last year and is terrified of trying again.  I want them to be at ease and have as little distraction/waiting/meltdown time as possible.

I would tell you that Jason is really liking his new job and that it is exactly what he wants to be doing.  He is able to spend more time with us and he has the freedom to excel in the areas that he is naturally gifted in.  we took him out to dinner last weekend to celebrate his graduation and had a really nice night.

We are making new plans to switch the bedrooms around so that all the kids can have their own space.  We are really trying to tackle projects that have had to take a back seat to life.  Organizing is my forever goal, but right now there are a few things that must be straightened out.  3 kiddos and all of their school stuff and activities plus whatever we adults have going on is getting a little out of hand.  I think if I could streamline some things, it would run smoother.

I would tell you about the new business ventures that we have taken on.  My It Work! products are like little miracles and things are really going well.  I am beginning to offer my Social Media knowledge to others in the form of consulting and social media management.  I am excited to move into something new, but nervous too.  I love these crossroads where something old meets something new and it makes sense.

By this time Princess will have come to show you her new dance moves and Little Man would want to show you that he has discovered Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles and Scooby Doo.  He is officially not my little toddler boy anymore.  He is on his way to being quite a big boy.  He will show you his new hair cut that Daddy just gave him and his scrapes and bruises from his daily struggles as a boy.

Booboo will be tired of sitting in his seat and I will try to get him interested in something so that we can talk longer.

You might have your little ones with you and maybe the kids would show them their bedrooms and where there toys are.  We have a swing set out back that I am sure they would enjoy.  If it's nice out, we could mover the back deck where we can watch them play and you can tell me about what your plans for the summer are.

In the afternoon the sun moves from the deck and it is pleasant to sit and be.  Of course, Booboo will have had enough sitting and I would probably be walking behind him as he tried every toy on the deck.  The kids will want to join us in more conversation and we well talk a bit longer.

It will be approaching nap time for one or both of my boys and either lunch or dinner, so you will gather your kids (if they are there) and we will all walk you to the door.  We will say that we need to have coffee more often, or to set up  a play date at the park.  The kids will be adamant about the second idea :)

We will hug and say goodbye.

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  1. Thanks for shairing your heart.
    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntington's
    Disease, I would be honored if you would follow my journey.

  2. Thanks for the invitation to coffee (with heavy cream and raw honey please). It was a nice visit! Thank you for joining the rest of us ladies at the Art of Home-Making Mondays. Please have coffee with us again next week :)