Monday, July 29, 2013

{Vegetarian} Menu Plan: July 29th, 2013

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We had an eventful weekend around here!  We had a birthday party to go to with all the kiddos that was super fun, Nemo learned to hold his bottle all by himself and got his first high chair.  He also showed us why the Bumbo and Bouncy seat are not safe anymore.  He is sitting extraordinarily well for a five month old and those legs are super strong.  I'm sure you can draw conclusions from there...

My Mother in Law made a really delicious Moroccan Couscous dish last week that has me craving it again.  The recipe calls for chicken, but I think that it would be just as good without.  The Greek Yogurt and Harissa are one of my new favorite combos!  I didn't think that I was a fan of Moroccan food, but I am obsessed right now.

One of my favorite meals, veggie or not, is the Chipotle Burrito Bowl and I found this recipe for the Vegetarian  Burrito Bowl.  Can't wait to make this at home!

I am trying to expand my repertoire and zucchini is so plentiful in the summer.  This sounds so yummy - Vegetarian Zucchini Moussaka

What do you have planned this week?

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